Urząd Gminy Łysomice

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Today: 10.02.2016
Name-day: Jacentego, Elwiry, Jacka


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The commune of Łysomice borders on the northern part of Toruń and it is 128 square kilometers in area on both sides of the nearly parallel in this section national road No. 1 and the railway track from Toruń to Gdańsk. Another important railway track is that from Toruń to Olsztyn and the southern by – pass road of Toruń. 7.8 thousand people inhabit 21 villages concentrated around 14 village administration offices. The community is of typically agricultural nature, arable lands make almost 70% of total area, rich and diversified forests make up another 28%. Soils are mostly fertile, which is conductive to high – commodity agriculture. There operate nearly 600 individual farms as well as several large state, private and collective ones, specializing mostly in cattle and pigs breeding, industrial crops or seed production. Small business is also developing. There are many institutions and firms contributing the borough’s development. Those are mostly agricultural service units connected with the local market, which involves agriculture and food processing together with agriculture and food produce trade. Some of them, like “Rolpest” Gardening Centre or the “Serdelek” Meat Processing Plant, succeed also beyond the local market. There also operate small companies offering services, transport, art and building ceramics, plastic articles, printing, along with those representing motor and building – redecorating interests.
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